Saturday, April 7, 2012

Poke-tanical Gardens

My friend, Jan, was kind enough to fly myself and my friend, Lori to Arizona where we had a lovely visit and had a delightful time revamping her patio garden. She treated us to a day at the Phoenix Botanical Gardens. Each state I have made a point to try to visit their version of botanical collections. Each one is unique. Browse along with us in Arizona....

Chihuly entrance. I absolutely love how he takes a nature spin on modern art.

Color in the desert in February!

Fairy Duster plant. Wowser!

Terraced poke-a-rama!

Rock boxes...rock the boxes! We can all do this at home!

It's alive!

Butt Crack Falls...I named it.

Pretty little maids all in a row...

What I'm not showing you is the Native American desert lands and interactive gardens, the desert natural acreage and hiking paths, the oasis, the wildflower gardens...and other collections. There was so much to see. I took over 185 pictures. Inside one of the buildings was a Green Art Display and a Garden Shop. We saw an hour of glassblowing and ate a divine lunch on the patio. It is worth the visit!


  1. I love, love, LURVE the desert! ::sigh:: so jealous. ;)
    You really need to see the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia .. but go during the rainy season. - BEAUTIFUL!

    Love the new blog - keep on plantain'

  2. I love the photos! Desert plant life is so cool. I'm jealous that you were able to get so many great shots. Keep posting!

  3. Butt Crack Falls. You are a nutt.

  4. Beware the Jumping Chollas! Just try riding through a field of them on a windy day. And Ocotillas are so gorgeous in bloom; long stems of vibrant red flowers that tower over your head on horseback; never mind they will attack you when you aren't looking. OK, I have a bit of a skewed outlook on desert plants; I like them, just not so sure they like me.

  5. I use to collect those round cacti. I had over two hundred of them. I love when they bloom. Most beautiful thing in nature as far as I am concerned.


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